Use Notifications & Alerts

Set AlertsAs part of the survey creation process you can select to receive notifications about Responses and Alerts on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. These notifications will tell you via email how many new responses you've received in the noted time period and also if anyone has selected an answer that you've set with an Alert. How do Alerts work?

  1. When creating and editing answers to survey questions, you'll see a "ringing bell" icon to the right of any answer you're editing.
  2. Clicking the bell will activate alerts for that answer.
  3. If someone submits an answer for which you've activated alerts, you'll be alerted to this in the notification email.

A good example of when an alert might come in handy is if you're surveying users about a recent experience with your organization. In this scenario, each of the worst answers could be set with an alert. Then if someone rated their experience as poor, you'd be notified about it and could take action with that individual to hopefully resolve the issue.