Survey Report Filters (Text Tutorial)

Survey FilterWithin your Summary, List and Individual reports you'll find a Filters tool. This tool allows you to Filter the results you see on each page. You can do something as simple as only look at responses from folks you directly invited, or as complex as looking at only the responses you received from people who answered several questions in a very specific way.  How do these filters impact your reports?

  1. The Summary report will provide a breakdown of only your filtered data. This means if you create a filter that shows respondents who say your newest product is excellent, then you'll only see a summary of answers from respondents who match that filter.
  2. The List report will only show a list of the people who match the filter. The same goes for the Individual report.

You can create a filter by clicking on a an individual answer within your summary report (each answer is linked) or by using the Edit Filters link within the Filter tool itself.

You can export your reporting data to a PDF or Spreadsheet and both these export options specifically export your filtered data. Also, any filter you create applies to all three reports, and you can move freely between them with your filter applied. However, if you move outside of these three reports, the filter will be lost and you'll have to recreate it if needed.