Social Sharing Reports (text)

Sharing your email on social media is a great way to spread your email message through your recipients social networks.  Once you’ve sent it out our system will track clicks and shares so you can see how viral your email gets!

To find your social reporting click on the name of your email and scroll to the Social Reporting section.

You will see two sets of numbers here for each social platform:
Clicks on icons in emails  and the Social Reach of your email.

Clicks From Email shows how many times the icons in the email were clicked on. We track this just like we track any link in your email, in addition to seeing the number of clicks here you can also download a list of social clickers, including the social platform, time and date, from the Download Lists section of the reports.

Social Reach will show you how far your email reached through the platforms it was shared on.  This will track the number of times your recipients post your email plus any likes, or retweets.