Social Sharing Icons (text)

Sharing your email through Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to extend the reach of your email messages. We’ve made it easy for you to let your recipients share with their own Social Media networks as well! Once you’ve started setting up your email select the editor you would like to use. No matter which one you choose; Wizard, Canvas or Freeform, you can add the icons to share your email. These are turned on by default to appear at the top of your email but if you wish to add them elsewhere you can do that too.

First: Turn off the icons at the top of the email by clicking on Email Options then unchecking the Social Sharing box. This will remove the icons from the top of your email.

Second: To add the icons in another part of the email just click your cursor where you want them to be. Then click the Insert dropdown menu and select Social Sharing from the list. You will now see a merge field that will set up the icons. You won’t see the icons on the Design page but once you click to Preview you’ll see them in the email.