Social Sharing At Launch (text)

Sharing your email through Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is a great way to extend the reach of your email messages.

At the send page you can automatically post your email to either Facebook or Twitter, plus add your own post text if you like. If you control a Facebook Page for your business plus your own profile you have the option to post to one or both if you like.

We've made it easy to share your email on your social networks. On the Send page just select which account or accounts you want your email post to and then add your text for the post. Our system will autoamatically pull in your subject line for the post, or you can edit it to say something else. We even keep track of the character count if you are posting to Twitter. We’ll add a link to a hosted version of your email once its been sent out. After you’ve scheduled your email to go out and clicked send we’ll post to your selected social media platforms once the email has been sent out.

Hosted Version

If you would like to archive your email, or share on another social platform, you can easily find a hosted link for your email. Once you've sent out your email click on the name in the Reporting section, then click Share Email in the Email Actions menu on the left.


This will open a window with two options, one is to share on your social networks again, and one is to get an archived version of the email. Just copy the short URL at the top of this window, where it says URL, and then share the link wherever you need it.