Social Media Campaigns (text tutorial)

Creating a campaign with VR Social is an easy way to manage your social media posts. It will allow you to schedule multiple posts at one time, so your social media can be taken care of for a day, a week, a month, whatever you choose.

  • To set up a campaign log into your VerticalResponse account, click the Social tab and then select Campaign.
  • Select which social media accounts you wish to post to. Remember, with a campaign all posts will go to all the options selected in the first step.
  • Next, set up when you want your campaign to post.   We have some defaults for campaigns based on social media best practices but you can make adjustments if you like. Set up how long you want the campaign to run and if you want to include weekends or not.  Select the date your campaign should start on and the hours of the day they should update.
  • Next give your campaign a name to help keep track of the info included.
  • The last step before posting is to set up the info you want to include. To make it easy, we have suggestions for content from our content library. For campaign I selected of 7 days its suggested that there are 8 posts broken into: 2 links, 2 questions, 3 updates 1 quote

We give you 5 different types of posts, but basically they all are updating info to your Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn account as a post.

  1. Select a Link type post and you’ll see content from different sources that are relevant to your business and your followers.
  2. You can post questions to help keep your followers engaged.
  3. Update your status with your comments. We’ll keep track of the characters if you are posting to Twitter.
  4. Share an inspiring quote, we even have some for you to select from.
  5. Photos can help keep your followers engaged, include photos from around your office, new products or services, Sales, etc. You can upload from your computer, paste in a hosted url, or import from your facebook page.

Once you have set up the posts for your campaign click the Post button in the bottom right corner.

Now that you have published your campaign, any edits you wish to make can be done from the My Posts tab in your account.