Set up Merchant Services for Events (text tutorial)

If you plan to sell to tickets to your events you’ll need to set up a way to accept payment for the tickets. The easiest way to do this is through Paypal and we’ve made it simple for you to set that up.

From the Account Dashboard click on Merchant Services in the menu on the left
Enter the email address associated with your Paypal account. Our system will verify that you have an active account and let you know it was connected successfully.

Don’t have a Paypal account yet? There is a link in the window to take you to Paypal and set one up. Its free to create a new account and by using this process you’ll get paid right away for the sale of your tickets.

Sometimes your attendees may need to pay by check. If you need to be able to accept checks for an event or donation, you can set that up as well, just follow these easy steps.

To turn on this payment option, go to your event dashboard (not the Account Dashboard, you'll need to have an event already set up to see this choice) and click Receipt Setup from the menu:










Once on the Receipt Setup page, click the Check by Mail option to enable this payment method. Note: Nonprofits can choose to accept checks for tickets and/or donations. For-profit businesses won't see the Donations section, but at check out your attendees will have the option to donate if your event is a fundraiser.


There are two receipts sent out if someone pays with a check. The first one is sent to the ticket purchaser when they purchase a ticket with a check. This receipt instructs the buyer to send a check to the ticket seller and includes the address to send it to. The default receipt looks like this:













Once you receive the check from the buyer, you should then log the check in your account. This will trigger a second email to be sent to the buyer letting them know you got the check, though this is an optional email. When a ticket is purchased with a check, it will show up on the Transactions page as shown below. Note that it says Log Receipt next to the transaction.


Just click the Log Receipt link, check the send receipt box if you like and then click confirm.