Save a List in CSV Format (text tutorial)

Before you can upload a list to your account, it must be saved in CSV or .txt format. These are the standard generic spreadsheet formats, so whether you're using Excel, Filemaker, Outlook, Numbers or a similar program to store your data, you should have an easy option to either "Save As" or "Export to" a CSV file. Here's how you save a file as CSV using Excel:

  1. Open the Excel Spreadsheet
  2. Navigate to the File menu
  3. Choose "Save As"
  4. Use the Save as Type drop down menu to select ".csv (comma delimited)"
  5. In the two pop-up dialog boxes that follow, click ok and yes.
  6. This CSV version of your list should now be ready for upload to your account. Just make sure you know where you saved the file on your computer!

Need more of a visual? Check out our video tutorial.