Publish Your Event on Facebook (text tutorial)

How do I publish my event on Facebook?

From your event dashboard, select 'Facebook', follow the install link, and follow the install directions below.

Install SocialEvents App

How do I install the SocialEvents App in Facebook?

1. Log into your VerticalResponse account, click Events then the name of the name of an event and then from your Event Dashboard, select Facebook.

2. Select 'Install'
3. If needed, log in to Facebook,  then 'Allow' Permission.
4. Select 'Click to Install' on each Facebook Page (if you have more than one) where you want to sell tickets.

4. Choose the Facebook Page to which you want to add SocialEvents and select 'Add SocialEvents for Pages.'

5. In Facebook navigate to the Page where you installed the SocialEvents App and select the SocialEvents Tab on the Page.

SocialEvents App is now installed on your Facebook Page.

Configuring Social Events App to display events.

From your individual profile page in Facebook, you can always see a list of Pages that SocialEvents for Pages is installed on.  You can select 'View' and go directly to the 'SocialEvents' tab on your Page

The first time you visit your SocialEvents page it will say that "We currently don't have any upcoming events..."  You must login with your VR  account info and select the Events that you would like to display.  To do that, select "Manage SocialEvents for Pages" (this is an option that only Facebook Page Administrators will see)
Once you have selected "Manage SocialEvents for Pages", you will be prompted with a login screen.  Enter your VerticalResponse account login info.

Now that you are logged in, the list of upcoming events is displayed and you can choose the ones that you would like to display on your Page.
NOTE: If you only choose one, it will be displayed in detail and if you choose more than one the list will be displayed and your fans can then select the one that they are interested in and see the details.

Below is an example of what people will see when they visit your Page:

How do I edit the content of my event on Facebook?

The content of SocialEvents tabs must be edited from within your Events account. All of the information of the SocialEvents tab in Facebook comes directly (live) from the published event page.

How do I move the SocialEvents tab up so that the tab gets more attention?

1. Select the 'Edit' pencil in the top right corner of the tab you wish to move. In the menu that opens select which tab you want to swap places with and Facebook will move it for you.

How do I change the display name of the Facebook tab?

1. From your Facebook page, go to the tab section and click on the 'Edit' pencil in the top right corner of the tab. Select 'Edit Settings' in the menu that comes up.

2. Change the name of the tab in the box called 'Custom Tab Name' and click Save when finished and then Okay to close the window.

How do promote my event on Facebook?