Personalize an Email (text tutorial)

Personalization (Merge) Fields allow you to merge any data from your mailing lists directly into your message. One way you might use this is to address individual recipients by their own name instead of using a generic title like "Customer."

  1. Select the Insert Drop down menu (located on the bottom row of icons in the Designer's Toolbar).
  2. Choose to insert First Name, Last Name, Title, etc.
  3. You should now see an equivalent merge field in your email that looks like this: {FIRST_NAME} or {TITLE}.
  4. The insert drop down menu shows only standard fields. If your list includes custom fields, you can merge those by manually entering them. A custom field named LastPurchase, would be merged as {LastPurchase}.
  5. If you're worried that you don't have the appropriate data for all your records, you can set default text for your merge field like so: {FIRST_NAME|Reader} or {FIRST_NAME|Subscriber} - with this example, anyone whose first name does not appear in your list would see the default text instead.