Connect an Opt-in Form to a List (Text Tutorial)

Attach Form to ListWhen you create an opt-in form, you’ll be asked to choose the list to which you’d like to attach the form. People who subscribe using this form will be added as members to the list you select. The form wizard will prompt you to “Choose Your List” from within the Lists & Alerts section of the creation process. From here you can:

Use the New List blank field to name & create a new list to attach to the form.


Use the Append to List drop-down menu to connect the form to an already existing list within your account.

Go for the New List option if you want to keep these sign-ups separate from other lists. Take the Append to List option if you want to keep the number of lists in your account to a minimum.

Note that once you make a choice and move on to the next step you won’t be able to backtrack and select a different list. So make sure you like your selection before moving on.