Opt-In Confirmation Email (Text Tutorial)

Our opt-in form wizard generates double opt-in forms. This means that each new subscriber receives an automated email asking them to click a link to verify their sign-up with you.  The verification email is a plain text message (so no pretty colors or pictures can be added), but you have full control over the content from within the opt-in wizard’s Customize Your Opt-in Email Tab:

  • From Label: This tells the email recipient who sent them the email. It should almost always be the name of your company / organization.
  • From Address: Replies to the email are sent to the from address you set here. Be sure to use a From email address from a private domain you control like .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), not a personal one like @gmail.com, @yahoo.com or @aol.com. There could be delivery issues if you use a personal address.
  • Subject Line: The subject should inform the recipient that they need to read and follow the instructions to complete the signup process.
  • Greeting: This text appears above the verification link. You should use this text thank recipients for sign-up and let them know they need to click the link to complete the opt-in process.
  • Confirmation Link Text: This text will label the link the new subscriber clicks to complete their opt-in.
  • Closing: This is the text that follows the confirmation link.

In addition, you can also determine to which page on your website new sign-ups are redirected after they click the confirmation link. A good use of this redirect is to send these now confirmed subscribers to a page on your site that welcomes them to membership on your list.