Map File Fields to List Fields (Text Tutorial)

During the process of creating a list using the options of “uploading an external file” or “importing list members from a web-based email client” you’ll be asked to Map File Fields to List Fields. All you need to do here is appropriately label each of the different types of data in your list. So Email Addresses need to be labeled as Email Address, First Names as First Name, Birthdays as Birthday, and so on from there. As seen here:


Map File Fields to List Fields


We provide 18 standard fields by default, plus you can create more than 200 other custom fields. To label data using a standard field, simply use the drop down menu to choose the field you want. To label data using a custom field, choose New Custom Field from within that same drop down menu. This will present a text box you can use to name your field. The field can be anything you want from Birthday to Last Purchase Date to Favorite Wine. After naming the field, you can select what type of data will be entered in the field using the drop-down menu to the far right.

There are three different sized text fields that allow for 25 characters, 125 characters or 255 characters (this refers to the total amount of characters allowed for the information that will be stored in the field), and fields for integers, decimals and dates. If you’re not sure which option is best, just stick with the “Medium Field (125 max)” option that is selected by default. Any custom field you create becomes part of your account and will appear as a standard field on the Map File Fields page for future list uploads.