Installing VerticalResponse for Salesforce (text tutorial)

If you are a new customer, simply follow the installation and customization steps to create your new account.

1. Visit the AppExchange

  • Go to the VerticalResponse listing on’s AppExchange. Note, if using Group Edition install this version.
  • Click “Get It Now”
  • Provide your contact information and click on Submit
  • Enter your Salesforce Username, Password and select whether you’re a Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce User or a Free 30 Day Trial User. When finished, click on Continue.
  • Designate if you would like to install the app in your Production (including Developer Edition) or if applicable, in to your Sandbox. Once you’ve read through’s Terms of Service, click on Continue.

2. Review Package Components, Set Security Levels & Install

  • Before installing you will have the option to review all the components of VerticalResponse for AppExchange. The package name, version, description will also be noted. Simply click “Next” to proceed.
  • VerticalResponse for AppExchange requires access of your objects through the API. Please review and approve the required access by clicking on “Next”.
  • Choose security levels to determine which user profiles can access VerticalResponse for AppExchange. Click “Next” to continue.
  • Now you’re ready to install the application! Just click the “Install” button and VerticalResponse for AppExchange will be added into your account.

3. Completing the Installation and Exposing Custom Objects

  • Now that the application has been installed you have the option to immediately deploy the Custom Object components or choose to customize them first before rolling them out.
  • If you choose to deploy the Custom Objects now you will see a listing of the two reporting objects: VR Email History Lead and VR Email History Contact. To proceed, simply click “Deploy”.
  • Almost done! You’ve now completed the initial installation of VerticalResponse for AppExchange and you will see a summary screen that displays the application details. In addition “VerticalResponse” now appears in the AppExchange drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of your account.