InstaEmail Template Machine Overview


While creating an email to match your website can be done, sometimes it takes more time and effort than you really have. InstaEmail template machine takes the pain out of creating an email template and makes it fun and easy!  InstaEmail uses pieces from your website to create an email to match, then pops it into your VerticalResponse account ready to use for your next email send. If you aren't using VR, you can take the HTML and use it anywhere you like!

It's easy to get started, just enter the URL for your website or blog and hit Start. There are 6 layouts to choose from, click the one that you like best. You can always change your mind later and switch to a different one if you like.  Our system will then walk you through customizing the template to match what's on your website.

In a few easy steps we'll help you create a great email template!

First, our system will find the logo on your website or blog. In some cases it may be hard to tell what image is the logo, so we'll give you a few options, then just select the one that you want to use from the choices given.

Next up is the header image. If your layout has an image at the top, depicted by a sketch of mountains in the layout, you can choose to add another image from your website to your email.

And now the fun part! The last three options at the bottom of the page allow you to customize the colors of your layout. You'll have some colors pulled in from your site, plus a few others to work with. Select the background color for your email, the color for your links and accent colors. Don't like what you've created? Just pick a different color! InstaEmail will let you test out different color combinations, layouts and images until you find that perfect combo.

Once you like the layout click the yellow Use it button. We'll give you a preview of the awesome template you just set up, plus three choices at the top to use it.

Push to VerticalResponse - If you have a VR account, just click this button, fill in the From label, reply-to-email address and subject line, then click Push it! Our system will prompt you to log into your account if you aren't already, and then ask for authorization. You must click the authorize box in order to see the template in your account. If you don't, you'll get a message saying it wasn't allowed. Don't worry, this was in a separate window from your cool template, just go back to that window and click Push to VR again. The email will now be in your account, in the Canvas tool, and you can go add your text and make any changes you like. .

If you don't currently have a VR account you can choose to download the HTML as a zip file, or you can copy the HTML as it is by clicking the Copy HTML button and use it in another account.