Get Started with Coupons

As of April 21, 2015 the VR social coupons for Facebook have been discontinued. Facebook made

changes that impact how software programs like VerticalResponse integrate with its product, and as a result we have to disable the Social Coupon feature.

As a work around though, we do have a suggestion. Facebook has added a call-to-action feature that allows you to create a button on your Facebook page. We've written a blog post and created a video that should help. The follow are the CTA options:

  • Book Now – This button can be used if your company has an event or webinar that you would like your audience to attend.
  • Contact Us – This button is an easy way for your community to reach out to your company.
  • Use App – If you have an app that you would like your community to try, this is the button to use.
  • Play Game – If you’re in the game development world, there’s a button just for you.
  • Shop Now – If you want to get people from your Facebook page to your e-commerce website then this button fits the bill.
  • Sign Up – If you have a newsletter or email list you want people to sign up for then the Sign Up button will do just that.
  • Watch Video – Have a video on Facebook or YouTube that you’d like your community to watch, this is the button that can make it happen.