Event Marketing Release Notes

Release Notes for our Event Marketing Tool

Event Marketing Release Notes May 3, 2012


  • Invitation and Reminder Tooltips - In a few cases, invitations and reminders sent for events would fail for various reasons without returning a message. If this occurs the status of the message will now be set to "Rejected", and the reason will be shown in a tooltip.
  • Country field added to Guest Questions - Customers have requested adding a Country field to the list of questions they can ask attendees and this is now available.
  • State field updates for Attendees - If attendees chose a country other than the United States during checkout the State field became empty. Now this will instantly change to "Outside of the US" when attendees register from foreign countries.
  • Set Target for Links - When links were added to guest questions and the target was set to "New Window" the value was not saving properly. This was also happening in the Event Details section and both issues have been fixed.
  • Offline Transaction Details Corrected - When viewing the details for an offline transaction the application used to show these as online transactions. This has been fixed and will display properly.



Event Marketing Release Notes February 28, 2012

Copy Events - Previous events can now be copied and re-purposed to create drafts for upcoming events. From the Event Dashboard in the Other Tools section, click the option "Copy This Event" to create a new event copy. This action will copy all of the details of the original event including event details, receipts, guest questions, etc., so make sure all these details are correct before publishing the new event.



  • Reminders not Copied when Copying Events - Reminders were not being copied to new events when the Copy Event feature was used. This has been fixed.
  • Changing Text Color in Event Details – The text color for Event Details would always default to white and not allow changes. The text color picker in the Event Details section now works as expected.
  • Incorrect Email Status - A very small number of invitations were rejected after sending, without updating the Status on the Manage Invitations page. If this occurs, the status will now show as "Rejected" and mousing over this value will display further instructions.



Event Marketing Release Notes January 29, 2012

Cause Marketing block added for Corporate Events - Many for-profit events give a portion of their proceeds to one or more causes like charities and community initiatives. To support these events we have added an optional Cause Marketing section when designing the Event Page, allowing the event organizer to feature the causes they are benefiting.  

This new section will look and behave similarly to the Sponsor Block, but only appears if the event is charging attendees:


This new feature then allows ticket buyers to make an optional donation to the causes during checkout.



  • Internet Explorer Issues - A couple issues have been fixed which impacted customers using one of the recent versions of Internet Explorer.
  • The "Display Settings" and "Add a Sponsor" links didn't work properly when embedding YouTube videos in the event page [IE Version 9]
  •  Users will no longer experience a crash or the infinite spinning ball when sending test invitations [IE Version 8]
  • Potential Crash During the Donation Process – Some attendees had their browser hang after leaving the "confirm email address" field blank when registering for events. This behavior no longer occurs.
  • Label Field Disappears on Guest Questions - The label field no longer disappears after adding several Guest Questions for an event.
  • Could not Edit the "Thank You Page Message" - Edits made to the Thank You Page Message for guests under Receipt Setup now work as expected.