Enter Tickets Manually (text tutorial)

If you do happen to get a ticket purchase offline, you can still account for it by entering the transaction in your event marketing account.  You may want to do this so that the available tickets listed online are correct and also if you want to have a complete 'Registrations' report.  It may also be helpful when sending reminders.

  1. First, select 'Offline Transactions' from the Events menu on the left side of your Event Dashboard

  2. You will get a form that has two sections 'Payer details' and Transaction details'.

  3. In the 'Payer details' section add the purchasers contact information.  You can input their email and it will allow you send them a reciept email .

  4. In the 'Transaction details' section add specific details about the transaction.

  5. Finally, make sure you save the information by clicking the 'Continue' button.  If you have setup any Guest question you will be directed to fill those out at this point.