Edit Event Template (text tutorial)

From Event Dashboard, select 'Edit Event Page,' then select 'Edit Design' tab.

Pick a Template

  • Using the forward and backward arrows, browse and select themes to view its page and background colors.
  • Select 'Apply' if you like the defaulted page and background colors, or...

Customize Page Colors

  • Pick a color for the smaller boxes.
  • Pick a color for the event details box.
  • Select 'Apply' if you like the defaulted background, or...

Customize Background

  • Pick a color from RGB, Named Color, or Color Picker Menus.

Click 'Apply' in the top right corner to change to the selected template.

Color Combinations - Keep it Simple

Page Colors
Choose one light color and one medium color in the same color range. Avoid bright, vivid colors. Remember that text will be on top of the colored background.

Background Color
Choose a color that contrasts with page colors - very light or very dark.