Create Invitation Email (text tutorial)

You can easily invite people to your event using your VR account. Once you’ve set up your event with the info you want to include, look to the bottom of the left side column and click on Invitations.

  1. Click New Invitation on the top right
  2. Create a catchy subject line
  3. If you wish to remove any sections from the email uncheck the box at the bottom
  4. Click Send test
  5. Once you have checked that the email looks good in the test, finish the steps to launch it.
  6. Click on Edit next to the name of the email.
  7. Then click Add Recipients
  8. You’ll see a list of the mailing lists from your VR account on the left side of the window. Drag and drop the ones you wish to use into the ‘To’ box, then click Send at the bottom of the window when you have completed all the steps.
  9. The email will be sent out of your VR account, so you will see the tracking for the email in the Reporting section.

If you want more control over how your email looks you can get a link for the event to use in an email set up in your VR account.

  1. Once the event is created go to the Event Dashboard and find the Promote menu on the bottom right side.
  2. Click ‘Get a Link to Send Out’ and copy the url in the window.
  3. Create your invitation in the Email section of your VerticalResponse account, either using one of our event templates or your template.
  4. Paste in the url for your Event for your email recipients.
  5. Send email as you normally would through VerticalResponse