Create a New Event (text tutorial)

How do I set up an event?


  1. Log in to and click the Event tab.
  2. From the 'Account Dashboard' area, select 'New Event’ from the column on the left.
  3. Enter the Name of your Event and select 'Create'; this prompts the Edit Event Page to open.
  4. In the top section of the Edit Event Page, just below the VerticalResponse logo, mouse over this area and you'll see 'click to edit,' Click anywhere in that section to add information or make edits.
  5. The event name you chose in step 3 and other information about your organization is defaulted here. Edit as needed, add the Date & Time of your event (you can chose to hide it on the published page), and make sure the 'hosted by' information is correct.
  6. Click  'Save’ at the bottom of the window to save edits.