Choose Survey Type and Participants

Tradional vs. BlindWhen building your survey, you have the option to create either a Traditional or Blind survey, and to either allow anyone to take your survey or limit participation to invitees only.

Traditional vs. Blind

  • If you create a Traditional survey, then you'll be able to see the contact info for each of your survey respondents in your reporting data. 
  • If you create a Blind survey, then each of your surveys will be submitted anonymously. You'll still be able to see how individual participants responded, but each individual person will simply be noted as "anonymous."

Survey Participation

  • If you choose to only allow Invited participants to take your survey, then only people you invite through an email sent out via VerticalResponse will be able to take part.
  • If you choose to allow both invited & anonymous folks to take your survey, then anyone will be able to take part. We provide you with a link that you can use anywhere you want.  This is a great way to ask questions of visitors to your website or blog.