Cazoomi Help

Cazoomi SyncApps allows you to connect your CRM contacts to your VerticalResponse account in just a few quick steps. If a video is more your style scroll to the bottom to watch!

Getting started is easy, go to and click the 14 Day Free Trial button.

Fill in the information to set up an account, and note that no credit card is required to test it out. Once your account has been created you'll need to sync up the CRM you're using with your VR account.

It's pretty simple, lets take a look.

First, click the button Create a New Sync Profile. This will take you to the page to get you started linking up the accounts. Give this profile a name, something that will tell you what CRM you're linking, this is just for your reference so use whatever works best for you. From the Sync Type drop down menu select the CRM you need to link.

The green text box will tell you what gets updated in each system, make sure everything looks good to you before you finish up. Click Next.

The next step is for your CRM, you'll need to enter your username and password for your CRM, you may see the ones you set up for SyncApp, but that needs to be changed. Enter the URL for your app, if you aren't sure what that is, click the question mark to see the options. Click Next to move to the next page.


This page you'll need to enter your username and password for VerticalResponse. If you're not sure what step you're on take a look at the guide along the top, on this page you'll see the green dot on VR. Select the list you want to sync up, you can use your Master list if you like. If you wish to make any changes to the sync you can do that here, for example you can have a one way sync coming from your CRM but not VR.
Click Next.


The system will link the accounts, click Next. The last step is Field Mapping. The basics will be done automatically, email address, First Name and Last Name, address, and company name. Your accounts are now linked! You can sync the data between accounts by clicking the Sync Now button.

SyncApps will give you info on how many records were updated, you can see the info once the sync is completed.


After the first sync, Syncapps will try to update only modified data, so the syncs will generally take less time going forward.

Watch a video to see it done!