Adding Images to Canvas (Text Tutorial)

You can add as many images as you want, anywhere you want to in a Canvas email. Here’s how:

  • Select where in the email you’d like to place an image. If your Canvas  template includes default images, you can select those default images, delete them and replace them with your own images by following this same process
  • Click the Add Image button found along the bottom row of the edit tool box. This will open a pop-up window with three options for your image source:
    1. The first option will allow you to upload from an image saved on your desktop, make sure it’s saved as a jpeg or gif first. 
    2. The second option is to select from the Library.   From within the library you can choose any of the pictures you’ve previously uploaded or found in our free stock photo gallery.
    3. The third option is to paste in a url for an image you have already set up on a web page.
  • Select the image you’d like to insert in the email. This will open the Image Properties page
  • Enter alternative text for your image. This alt-text should be a description of your image or a description of the action you’d like people to take when they see your image
  • Use the Alignment option to select how you’d like your image to align with any nearby text. You’ll generally want to align it to the left or right of the text. Note that if you’re inserting the image into a section of your email that includes no text, then this option can be skipped
  • The Dimensions option allows you to edit the pixel dimensions of your image. This is best left alone. If you want to edit the size of your image, a better option is to use the Library’s image editor
  • Click Insert to add the image to your email