Add Anchor Links/Table of Contents to an Email (text tutorial)

Anchor links allow you to link one part of your email to another part, and are a great way to add a Table of Contents to a message. How can you create an anchor link?

  1. Choose a part of your email that you'd like to link to. If you're writing a newsletter that has several different sections, the title to a section is a great spot.
  2. Click the Anchor icon (top row, right side of the Designer's Toolbar). This will bring up a dialog box - name your anchor and click Insert
  3. Now that you've "laid anchor", choose where you'd like to place a link to that anchor. This will usually be text or an image near the top of the email, since the main purpose of using an anchor link is to make it easy for readers to navigate to different parts of your message.
  4. Click the Chain Link icon (it's right next to the Anchor icon) and use the drop down menu to select the name you gave your anchor earlier. Then click Insert.
  5. Done! The new link will redirect you to the Anchor within your email. You can test this by going to the Quick Preview tab.