9 Steps to Launch Your First Survey (Text Tutorial)

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In a perfect world, you’d know exactly what your customers, employees, and leads want and could serve it right up to them without hesitation. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work this way, so you’ve got to use the tools you have available to find out more about them.  And there’s no better tool for this purpose than a survey.

Getting Started

Survey Links1. Determine Your Objectives

Knowing your objectives will make it far easier to write your questions, decide which people you need to target, and to take action with the results.

2. Choose Your Survey

  • Blank Survey – Blank surveys are great if you‘re experienced at creating surveys and are ready to build all your questions from scratch. Or if you only have a few questions you plan to ask.
  • Survey Template – We provide unbiased questions in the form of survey templates for the most popular surveys; Customer Satisfaction, Employee Feedback, Event Surveys, Product Feedback, Sales Process Evaluation, & Web Site Usage. When using a survey template you can always modify questions as well as add and delete.

3. Choose Your Survey Type

  • Traditional: You'll be able to see the contact info for each of your survey respondents.
  • Blind: Each of your surveys will be submitted anonymously.

Customize It

4. Change Fonts, Colors & General Appearance

You can add your own logo, change background color, and font type, color and size of your question text.

Test It

Click Rates5. Send a Free Test Survey

Take the survey yourself and invite a few others to take the test to receive feedback on length and questions.

Go Live

6. Launch Your Survey

When your survey is complete click on the go live button and you can start to see instant reports about your survey.

7. Send Invitation

Invite people to take your survey.

8. Analyze your results

Which is easy with the colorful charts and graphs, filtering tools, and your list of objectives.

9. Decide Who Can Participate

  • Invited & Anonymous Participants: You can post the link to your survey for an open invitation so anyone can take your survey.
  • Only Invited Participants: Your participants must receive an invitation via email to take your survey in order to participate.


Ready to build your own survey?  Go here to get started.

Download a PDF Version of this Article