Welcome to our tutorial site for VerticalResponse for Salesforce users! This is the place to learn how to use VR for Salesforce. There are dozens of video demos and even more text tutorials to help you get started. For a recorded demo to get started with VerticalResponse for Salesforce click here

  1. The Email section shows you how to create and send email.
  2. The List section covers how to build a list using a Lead and Contact query, or through the use of a pre-existing Salesforce Campaign.
  3. Statistics shows how you can use all the reporting data available to you as a VerticalResponse customer.
  4. And the Library and Postcards sections cover the Library and Postcards respectively.
Looking for an overview of a VR account? Click here for an informative video.
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Step-by-Step Guide Verticalresponse for Salesforce
If you have any questions please contact our support team via or 1-866-6VERTICAL.

  • Installation

    This will guide new users through installing VerticalResponse for Salesforce. If you are a new customer, simply follow the installation and customization steps to create your new account. Installing apps from Appexchange must be done by Salesforce admins, if that's not your role, just ask the person at your company who is to set this up.

    For a step-by-step install guide, click here.

  • Salesforce Emails

    Need help creating an Email with your VR for Salesforce account? These tutorials cover how to:

    • Create emails using our Wizard, Canvas or Freeform HTML applications.
    • Access your saved Salesforce Templates to use as VerticalResponse emails.
    • Launch a completed email out to your mailing list.

    For a recorded demo to get started with VerticalResponse for Salesforce click here

  • Salesforce Lists

    With VerticalResponse for Salesforce, you have three separate options for building your mailing list. These tutorials will show you how to do all three:

    • Build an email list through a query of both your Lead & Contact records, using standard, custom, account, and owner level fields.
    • Use a Salesforce Campaign to create an email list.
    • Upload a spreadsheet to use as a list.

  • Salesforce Statistics

    VerticalResponse for Salesforce provides a variety of reports detailing how your emails are performing, and an even larger variety of options for viewing, sorting, and using that data. Learn how to:

    • Read the standard VerticalResponse reports found under your VR Email and VR Stats tabs.
    • Use the VR Email History Object to view exactly which emails an individual Lead or Contact has received and see exactly what they did with each of those emails.
    • Access email specific reports through your Salesforce Reports tab.
    • Turn on our Google Analytics Integration

  • Salesforce Library

    The VerticalResponse Library is the hub for all the images you use in your emails. The Library tutorials cover how to:

    • Upload images to the Library.
    • Use images from our free 75,000 picture strong Stock Photo Gallery (provided by
    • Edit any of your images.
    • Create Folders and sort images

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