• Social Media Marketing

    Just like email marketing, social media moves faster than many other forms of marketing. There are unlimited social media resources available to help businesses grow. The challenge for many businesses is it can be difficult to decide which social media platforms are the most useful and which are not relevant to reaching their prospects and customers. When you’re short on time, the key to getting the biggest social media bang is prioritizing.
    We've included some great tips, webinars and guides for using social media.

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  • Integrations

    VerticalResponse has integrations with different products to help you take your marketing further. In addition to Salesforce, we offer integrations with other CRMs. If you're looking for a little info or help with using a VR integration, check out the sections below.

  • Event Management

    Are you ready to host an event and need an easy way to manage, promote and sell tickets? Get started with VerticalResponse Events!

    • Create your event in minutes using our easy-to-use templates!
    • Promote your event via email and share to social networks to pack the house.
    • Get real time reporting on how many people have registered and who’s coming.
    • Promote and sell event tickets through your organization's Facebook page.
    • Send event invitations using VerticalResponse email marketing to pack the house!
    • With the latest Social Sharing features in VerticalResponse you can instantly promote your events through social media (like Facebook & Twitter) at the same time invitations are sent to your guests.

  • Email

    Whether you're creating your first email or you're a seasoned pro, we have an email creation editor that suits you. From internet newbies to graphic designers, our tools take the work out of creating your email and guide you through the process with just a few easy steps. Our most popular editors are the Wizard & the Canvas.

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    Follow the links below to learn more about a specific topic.

  • Salesforce

    Welcome to our tutorial site for VerticalResponse for Salesforce users! This is the place to learn how to use VR for Salesforce. There are dozens of video demos and even more text tutorials to help you get started. For a recorded demo to get started with VerticalResponse for Salesforce click here

    1. The Email section shows you how to create and send email.
    2. The List section covers how to build a list using a Lead and Contact query, or through the use of a pre-existing Salesforce Campaign.
    3. Statistics shows how you can use all the reporting data available to you as a VerticalResponse customer.
    4. And the Library and Postcards sections cover the Library and Postcards respectively.
    Looking for an overview of a VR account? Click here for an informative video.
    Rather follow along in text than watch a video?
    Step-by-Step Guide Verticalresponse for Salesforce
    If you have any questions please contact our support team via support@verticalresponse.com or 1-866-6VERTICAL.

  • Surveys

    With VerticalResponse surveys you can:

    • Receive valuable customer feedback and make informed and timely business decisions
    • Ask your customers what products and services they need
    • Keep your customers happy by following up with customer satisfaction surveys
    We have lots of information about surveys, so follow these links to learn how to: Want more resources? Click here to access our free guides.

  • Video

    Watch one of our many videos to help get started with your VerticalResponse account.

  • Recorded Webinars

    VerticalResponse hosts an array of free, live webinars throughout the year. Not able to catch one? Don't sweat it! Most of our webinars are recorded and are available here so you can watch them whenever you like.
    Follow the links below to watch the recorded webinar of your choice. Note webinars vary in length from 30 minutes to a little over an hour. You can see how long a webinar is by clicking to watch it.

    Now that you've enjoyed attending the webinar view the slides instead of the recording! Click here to view slides of recent webinars or presentations!

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